Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tailgate Cargo Box Review

I have been meaning to review the Tailgate Cargo Box since I bought one of these bad boys over summer. This product is an absolute essential when packing for a tailgate, camping, etc. Whenever you need to transport lots of extra gear, particularly grills or other items which may be inconvenient to place in your vehicle, the Tailgate Cargo Box fits the bill. Easily attaches to your trailer hitch and can hold up to 500lbs of gear (That's a lot of gear!). Then, once you reach your destination, the Tailgate Cargo box can unfold to become two individual folding tables and a bench!

Box dimensions:
43 ¼ “W x 18” H x 18” D
(7 ½ cubic feet of storage space)

(2) Table dimensions:
Tabletop 43” x 32 3/8” Stands 27 1/4" tall

Trackpack Cooler Backpack

Trackpack Cooler In Use
We recently had the opportunity to check out the Trackpack Backpack Cooler and we were very impressed by this product. The product consists of a cooler which houses a rugged plastic rack system. The cooler's name comes from it's two attached straps, which make transporting the cooler very convenient.

We were very impressed with the internal frame. Inside each TrackPack Cooler an plastic frame holds beverage cans stacked on their sides in four vertical columns, very similar to a soda machine.

Cooling for your beverages is provided by 3 reusable gel packs that provide good cooling even for an all-day event.

The Trackpack Cooler Backpack is a definite crowd pleaser at tailgates. Small openings on each side allow you to access beverages from the cooler while it's on your back. Just load it up and throw it on for your next tailgate, party or event, all you’ll have to do is reach back and grab a cold one…

Trackpack Cooler Detail

Friday, November 26, 2010

Tailgate Sale!

National Tailgate is having their annual Holiday Sale. All products are 10% off through 12/3/2010.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tailgating Games Overview!

Tailgate parties mean 2 things: Fun and Friends. While we can’t help you with the latter, we certainly can give you a head start on the former (hey, maybe more fun at your tailgates means more friends…)

As tailgates gain in popularity at sporting events, more and more ways to entertain your guests have popped up. While we’ve mentioned before how much of an advantage it is to have access to TV at your tailgates, today we’re going to focus more on engaging activities: Tailgate Games!

There is a wide array of fun tailgating games that you can choose from. We’re going to cover a few that we think you will love no matter which you choose. Let us know if there are any other fun and exciting games that you think we missed (we’re sure there are plenty).

Cornhole (Bean Bag Toss) – Cornhole became a staple at all Midwest tailgates and has begun to spread across the nation very quickly. We’re sure you’ve seen plenty of people enjoying this tailgate game, but if you haven’t played, you’re definitely missing out. Anyone at any age can partake in a game of Cornhole where the point of the game is to toss bean bags onto a raised board or into the hole on the board. One word of warning: If you play against a Midwesterner (especially Ohioans), don’t expect it to be a close game.
Our Recommendations: For high quality cornhole boards, try Slick Woody’s. Our original favorite, but now discontinued was Chuck-O.

Tailgate Golf (Tailgate Toss/Ladder Toss/Bolaball) – Tailgate Golf is another tailgating staple along the same lines as Cornhole. Two Tailgate Toss Towers/Ladders are placed at a distance from each other and two teams of people toss the bolas (two rubber balls connected by rope) and try to wrap them around the ladder rungs. Again, this is a game for everyone. Just beware of errant bolas flying through the air!
Our Recommendations: For collegiate licensed Tailgate Toss, try Logo’s Two-Tower Tailgate Golf. Other great options are Bolaball and Blogno Ball.

Washer Toss – Washers is another “toss” game that has become very popular as a result of the recent tailgating revolution. The point is to toss small round washers into the opponent’s washer box (which usually contains 1 to 3 holes. Washer is extremely easy to transport and typically requires less space than the two games mentioned above.
Our Recommendations: Try out Fundex’s Bulls-Eye Washers or Original Washers.

Frisbee Games – There are a few variations of Frisbee games that can be played at tailgates. Polish Horseshoes seems to be one of the fastest growing tailgating phenomena. The point of this tailgating game is to knock your opponent’s “can” off of a tall pole with your Frisbee. We think the growing allure of this game is that there is some defense involved by way of the opponent being able to catch their knocked “can” before it hits the ground. The other main Frisbee game is Frisbee golf-type games in which you try to throw your Frisbee into specific “holes”.
Our Recommendations: For Polish Horseshoes, we love both Swerve and Poleish Sports. As for the Frisbee Golf-type games, we swear by KanJam.

Adult Games – These games are suited for those 21 and over due to their necessity for the use of alcoholic beverages. Beer Pong is obviously one of the most popular, especially at college football games, due to its rapid growth in popularity at universities around the country. The point is to toss a ping pong ball into your opponents collection of cups filled with beer. Other adult tailgating games include Flip Cup, in which a team of people tries to drink their cups of beer and successfully flip the cups over on the edge of a table before the other team can do the same.
Our Recommendations: There are plenty of Beer Pong Tables to choose from, including ProPong, BPong, and GoPong. Flip Cup? Well you only need a table and some plastic red cups!

Tailgating Reviews Tip! - If you want to get a great bang for your buck in regards to tailgating games, think about getting a combo pack that includes multiple games and functionalities in one! Examples include: The Playble Gaming Table (Cornhole/Beer Pong/Normal Table); Triumph Sports 2 in 1 (Cornhole and Tailgate Toss) or Trio Toss (Cornhole/Tailgate Toss/Washers);

Oh, and one final note: Don’t forget that you’ll have to keep score in most of these games! Try Backyard Scoreboards’ Score Tower so you’ll never have to remember the score again!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Volcano Cooking System Review

We’ve established the fact that Tailgate Parties these days have become a whole lot more than a quick bite to eat before a game or race. Tailgates today are becoming more and more extravagant as the seasons progress. These days, if you bring just a grill as your only cooking utensil, you are behind the times. Now it’s all about portable blenders, smokers, fryers, ovens, and stoves…to name just a few.

We’re here to set you in the right direction with the first step in your “tailgate makeover”. We’ll start by equipping you with the most versatile cooking system on the market today: The Volcano Stove Series. Any one of these Volcano Stoves will prove to be the ultimate tailgate cooking accessory.

Versatility is the name of the game for these stoves. The Volcano stoves can support 3 different types of fuels; wood, charcoal, and propane. The adjustable valves on the Volcano allow you to adjust how fast and how your fuel burns, so you can cook accordingly.

A key thing to note is that these are not just stoves. They also function as a wonderful grill or they’ll work perfect with Woks, Griddles, Pots, Skillets, and Dutch Ovens.

Lastly, the Volcano Stoves are equipped with double walls for heat transfer to the outer body and to the bottom of the stove. This will allow you to use your Volcano on any surface, anywhere!

Both versions of the Volcano Cooking System (shown below) are a breeze to set up, clean up, and store away. These no hassle stoves will have you consistently delighted.

The following are the two main versions of the Volcano Cooking System:

Volcano Cook Stove This is the original Volcano that has shot to the top of all elite outdoor cooks wish list. The Volcano Cook Stove will allow you to cook whatever you are craving in no time.

Volcano II Collapsible StoveThe Volcano 2 is the collapsible, even more portable version of the Volcano. The Volcano 2 has all of the wonderful features of the original Volcano Cook Stove, but collapses to 5" tall for convenient portability and storage when not in use.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Top MLB Tailgate Scenes

In most cities across the US, when you bring up tailgating, football (or NASCAR) is typically the first sporting event that comes to mind. Clearly NFL and NCAA football games are the most conducive to the tailgating atmosphere, seeing as they are typically once a week and on a Saturday and Sunday.

Despite the fact that Major League Baseball games are much more frequent and occur on all days of the week, tailgating has certainly shown up as a fitting partner to America's Favorite Pastime. While tailgating is not allowed at all baseball venues, it does provide many sports fans with the opportunity to tailgate during the football off-season.

We began to wonder, though, which MLB team had the most avid tailgating fans. Seeing as the baseball season is just a month old, we decided to take a quick Twitter poll to see which MLB tailgaters were representing the most. Here are our top 3 (as well as an honorable mention for worst tailgating scene in the MLB):

3. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: If you've ever been to Angel Stadium, you know that being under the "Big A" prior to game time is the place to be. The tailgates in Anaheim tend to be a little more elaborate due to the fact that the Angelinos don't have an NFL team, so they have to stretch their tailgating to the max during baseball season. Tailgates get especially interesting during the Freeway Series between the Dodgers and Angels.

2. Milwaukee Brewers: In a town where Beer and Brats are a key staple, you better believe the tailgating is top of the line! Tailgating at Miller Park is a major part of the baseball experience in Milwaukee. You'll be hard pressed to find a Brewers fan that hasn't experienced their fair share of tailgating extravaganzas. It doesn't hurt that Brewers tailgaters are mostly bred from the top-of-the-line Packers tailgating veterans.

1. Philadelphia Phillies: It was very close between the Phillies and Brewers tailgaters, but the Phanatics just edged out the Brew Crew. Philadelphia fans are some of the most passionate in all of sports, so it makes perfect sense that they take their tailgating seriously as well. Philly fans all over will let you know that a weekend ballgame without a pre-game tailgate is almost sacrilegious. Not only do the fans come out en masse to tailgate, but they tailgate in style.

Honorable Mention (for the worst tailgating scene): Keep in mind that this is slightly tongue-in-cheek, but we had to give a shout out to the Los Angeles Dodgers tailgating scene. Where else could you find 132 people arrested for attempting to tailgate on Opening Day?! The powers that be in Los Angeles have made it known that they DO NOT want you tailgating before a Dodger ifs, ands or buts...

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

King Kong Chair Product Review

The King Kong Chair from ALPS is built with one thing in mind - quality. Very strong 600D polyester fabric is mounted over a sturdy powder coated steel frame to provide up to 800 lbs of seating capacity! The chair itself weighs only 13 pounds, so this is definitely a hard worker.
While I don't quite need a chair that can hold 800 lbs, I certainly can appreciate sitting in such a sturdy and strong chair. The padded seat and back are also quite comfortable.
When folded, it is not noticeably any bigger than the average folding outdoor chair, which is definitely a plus.

Included are:
  • 2 cup holders
  • Hanging pockets on both arms
  • 7" x 41" Shoulder Carry Bag
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